So, what is the Immersion Experience?

The Immersion Experience helps break down stereotypes and bridges the gap from misconception to understanding. This is an interactive experience meant to sensitize participants to the realities of poverty and how our clients navigate services on a daily basis. Poverty is often portrayed as a stand alone issue – but this simulation allows individuals to walk a month in the shoes of someone else and realize how complex and interconnected issues of poverty really are.

The simulation is not a game. It is based on real individuals and their lives. The Immersion Experience exists to:

  • Promote Awareness: During the simulation, role-play a month in low-income families’ lives.
  • Increase Understanding: After the simulation, you will unpack your learning and brainstorm community change.
  • Transform Perspectives: The goal of the Immersion Experience is to shift the paradigm about poverty away from being seen as a personal failure and toward the understanding of poverty as structural, a failure of society.

This event is free and dinner will be provided.

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