Make the most of your money!

Budgeting, loans, credit, debt…just hearing those words can be overwhelming. In the confusing world of finances, SmartMoney is designed to help you understand money in a simple way so that you can set and accomplish your financial goals!

Engage in Financial Education workshops and meet one-on-one with a financial counselor. Judgment-free— we promise!

SmartMoney clients have budgeted for goals such as preparing for a new baby, taking a vacation, moving to a nicer apartment, and more!

    Program Highlights

  • Financial Education Workshops on topics such as budgeting, understanding credit, reducing debt, and avoiding scams.
  • Personal financial counseling available to help you create your financial goals and work towards them.

Time Requirements

  • One-on-one Financial Counseling based on your availability – Currently only available remotely, by phone or video.
  • SmartMoney Workshops, available 9am-3pm, Tuesday-Friday, and on Wednesday evenings.


  • You must have some sort of income (Note: If you do not have an income, you may still take the workshops however you will not be able to meet with a financial counselor.)

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Get started

Steps to get started

At CityLink, we take the time to get to know you and your story and we create the space for you to get to know us too. Here’s what it looks like to get started as a client at CityLink.


Let’s Get to Know You
Fill out this form or call us at (513)-357-2000 . We’ll ask a few questions and get you set up for an Info Session.


Join Us for an Info Session
To ensure that CityLink is the right place for you, you’ll attend an Info Session to learn about our services and determine if you’d like to begin your journey with the Center.


Set Your Goals and Get Started
Next, meet with your CityLink Service Coordinator who will be your guide. Together, you’ll create a customized Action Plan so that you can get started right away on your goals.