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Hospitality & Administrative Coordinator

CityLink Vision: Working Together. Reducing Poverty. Changing Lives.

CityLink Mission: To show God’s love to those in need by providing an integrated path to holistic life change.

Hospitality & Administrative Coordinator

Position & Description:
The Hospitality & Administrative Coordinator is responsible for advancing CityLink’s mission through
supporting the organization to deliver excellent experiences at the Welcome Center and through general
administrative support. The position will work closely with the Volunteer Director on the execution and
management of key functions as well as general administrative support.

The role of the Hospitality & Administrative Coordinator will focus on the Center’s service delivery areas
which require advanced volunteer training and support – primarily but not limited to the welcome center
team. This role will develop and support volunteers on this team and other areas in which CityLink
volunteers have a larger portion of service delivery.

The Hospitality & Administrative Coordinator will also directly administer other areas key to the
organization’s success including the facility calendar, volunteer shift management, preparation of
materials for volunteers, class management, monthly tours, supply management, data entry, donation
entry, and support of center’s IT infrastructure, namely Better Impact and Salesforce.

Mission and Vision Support:
The Hospitality & Administrative Coordinator directly supports CityLink’s vision and mission by ensuring
that our clients have a great first experience when walking through our doors and through the cross-functional support of the organization. The ability for the Hospitality & Administrative Coordinator to be
a utility player and quickly engage and address organizational needs will enable long-term success.

Job Duties and Responsibilities (Other duties may be assigned as appropriate):

Hospitality Support
• Fully manage the Welcome Center with assistance from volunteers
• Directly support service delivery and volunteer engagement for the Welcome Center
• Manage and update the Welcome Center processes
• Develop materials to standardize delivery in Welcome Center and others as identified
• Develop lead volunteers to “own” areas of the CityLink Welcome Center service delivery
• Manage updates of the Eligibility Overview and train volunteers in updates and delivery
• Monitor class attendance and update rosters according to attendance guidelines
• Assist in client recruitment process for partner organizations
• Create client reminder log and support execution of client reminder calls weekly

Administrative Support
• Input and update quarterly volunteer shifts in Better Impact as schedules are released
• Manage volunteer accounts in Better Impact and Salesforce
• Manage volunteer shifts in Better Impact
• Recruit volunteers to cover shifts on a weekly basis
• Inventory volunteer materials to ensure they are prepared to facilitate classes
• Data entry and general record keeping as assigned
• Input and update quarterly class calendars in Salesforce as schedules are released
• Manage client accounts in Salesforce
• Manage building management calendar (room scheduling)
• Inventory items at the Welcome Center to ensure no interruption in materials
• Manage donation entries
• Other regular duties as identified and assigned

Position Qualifications
• Mature in faith and committed to continuous growth
• Strong communication skills and ability to present information through training and support
• Ability to think strategically across multiple priorities and initiatives
• Possess high initiative as self-starter and solution-focused
• High organizational skills and follow-through
• Desire and attention to detail to perform repeated tasks in an efficient and consistent manner
• Works well with diverse groups of people
• Ability to work through challenging situations
• A people person with passion to know and serve volunteers and clients

Education and Experience
• Comfort in ambiguity, ability to scope out needs, approach, and lead execution
• Ability to manage diverse types of work
• Willingness to roll up sleeves and jump into work
• Experience in working in a highly collaborative environment with multiple partners

• Experience with customer service or hospitality
• Proficient in basic computer applications, such as Microsoft, Google, and web applications
• Organization and planning skills
• Volunteer management and development experience

• Demonstrated capability to conduct one’s self in a calm and professional demeanor when
dealing with the public and/or with difficult situations
• Demonstrated capability to effectively communicate orally and in writing
• Ability to work well with a diverse group of staff and volunteers
• Willingness to adjust hours to accommodate the needs of the job
• Ability to effectively manage a wide array of tasks, projects, and responsibilities
• Ability to work productively in an unstructured environment with frequent interruptions
• Ability to simultaneously work on multiple initiatives in a dynamic and undefined environment

Time Commitments: 40+ hours /week
• Hours are generally Monday through Friday with some Saturdays, between 8am and 5pm
• Available for weekly night leadership shift at the center (T,W or Th)
• Must be available for special events, meetings, and training

Reports To: Becky Heisler, Director of Volunteer Mobilization of CityLink Center

To Apply: Please send your resumé and cover letter to [email protected]

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