Sometimes the unknown can be scary. We may think we know what something is, but in reality, we often have misinformed ideas that keep us from trying new experiences or stepping out in faith to receive help. For me, I was interested in getting help understanding debt, how to eliminate it, and how to avoid it, but I was afraid of the judgment I might face for needing help.

I knew a few people that were using services at CityLink and saw that they were encouraged in their debt journey, so after a while, I decided to go and give it a try. 

Right when I entered the CityLink building, I felt welcomed; a peaceful and joyful spirit radiated from the volunteers and employees who greeted me. I signed up to attend the SmartMoney courses. The classes were on days and times that were convenient for me. All classes were taught by volunteers who were fully informed and had the heart of a teacher. Attending the classes encouraged me to really focus on my debt and assess my financial lifestyle. With the information and encouragement I was receiving, I knew that the hard work and sacrifice I put now would pay off in my future and my children’s future.

After attending the SmartMoney classes, I began to meet with a financial counselor for one-on-one appointments. After some time, I was also able to purchase a car from ChangingGears, an organization that partners with SmartMoney selling affordable cars at half the fair-market rate. The Smart Money classes were my kick-off to one day being debt-free. The classes also gave me the encouragement that my journey is not the same as anyone else’s, but we have the same goal: to be debt-free. 

I have a long road ahead but I know that the support I get from CityLink, along with my determination, and God’s strength in me, I will push forward until I reach my prize…FINANCIAL FREEDOM!

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