To the current Per Scholas students,

By now, you’re halfway through what I can only describe as a gauntlet, a crucible, and with any luck…a testament to your very perseverance. Or perhaps you’re breezing along a lot better than many of my fellow classmates did and we just had a flair for the melodramatic.

Whatever you’re going through, just remember, the CityLink staff is there for you. They try to keep a healthy supply of Tylenol at the front desk, so don’t let those headaches slow you down. It’s also important to make wise use of the coffee (pro tip: it tastes better after it’s cooled off a little). Don’t be afraid to make new friends while you’re at it, and then get together with those friends outside of CityLink to study after school whenever possible. Someone may pick up on something you just can’t wrap your head around, and it helps to have a better brain to pick than your own.

At the end of this tumultuous storm lies the prize: a glorious graduation, a chance to look your best in front of your family and peers, and your A+ certification! It might be difficult, but no good thing ever came easy. Trust me, I know it’s not easy. However, if anyone can get you through this crash course in gadgetry and electronic jargon, it’s Mr. McNeil. Most importantly don’t freak out, and never forget… you know more than you think you know.

Best of luck,

Tristan, Per Scholas Graduate –

IT Support Combo Class July 2019