What is Cable Technician?

First, you may be asking, “What is a cable technician?” Great question! Cable installers work in businesses and homes to install and repair data and telecommunications cables. Mostly this includes working on internet cables, terminating those lines in data centers and offices. Cable techs can work in offices, private homes, or buildings that are under construction. While responsibilities and expectations will vary depending on the role and company, common duties include: 

  • Setting up, rearranging, and replacing routing and dialing equipment
  • Inspecting equipment, wiring, and phone jacks
  • Repairing or replacing faulty, damaged, and malfunctioning equipment
  • Testing equipment to ensure that it works properly

Why a cable tech role might be right for you:

In addition to competitive entry-level pay, there are several other reasons you may be interested in working as a cable tech: 

    • Be a part of building something – as a cable tech, you will help new buildings and structures come to life; you get to be a part of new construction and buildings all over town.
    • A start in IT – this is a great way to start on a pathway to a career in IT or even as an electrician.  The skills you learn will help you understand the information and technology field and help set a course for your future. 
  • Minimum education level required – several cable tech hires do not require education beyond a high school diploma.
  • Opportunity for growth and career advancement for those willing to learn – demand for cable technicians is only anticipated to grow, and there are career advancement tracks. 

How to Become a Cable Technician

If you’re interested in working as a cable tech but don’t know where to start, consider enrolling in the 3-week, tuition-free Per Scholas course. The Per Scholas Cable Installer Curriculum will kick start your career as a cable tech! It focuses on the technical skills needed to land a job in the field. You will learn each new skill by practicing it yourself because 50% of the coursework is hands-on. Classes are small, so your instructor will be available to help as often as you need. 

Zero cost to you. Three weeks. By the time you finish, you’ll be prepared for an entry-level job as a Cable Installer Technician! The next course begins September 16th. Learn more about the course and apply here!