When Nicole started her journey with CityLink in July 2016 she had recently been release from jail for various charges. Nicole’s goal was to start the Per Scholas IT training course but, Nicole was denied because of her recent criminal record.

However, that did not deter Nicole she went on to work with Cincinnati Works to enhance her interviewing as well as working on her resume and get and get outfitted through Clothing Connections. In addition Nicole started working with SmartMoney to learn how to use a budget, save, address all of her debt and work towards getting a car through ChangingGears.

Nicole was denied for ChangingGears because she did not have a driver’s license due numerous fines, as well as restitution she had to pay before she could reinstate her driver’s license and her income did not meet the guidelines at the time. Nicolealso had other past due debt she wanted to pay off to increase her credit score.

It took three years but Nicole has kick down those barriers! Nicole was accepted into Per Shcolas passes her certifications got employment in” IT” field,  increased her income, paid off an estimated $12,000 in debt, increased her credit score, obtained her driver’s license, was approved for ChangingGears and got a car!

All this hard work has allowed Nicole to use the tools and knowledge from CityLink’s programs to be able to, use her ChangingGears car to get to and from work, get several promotions at her “IT” job, increase her income in her photography business and land her dream internship with a prominent film editor.

Nicole’s still meets with her financial counselor to work towards her next goal, to obtain a home through Habitat for Humanity.

“I didn’t give up.  I found a full-time job in IT that I LOVE and have been promoted twice! All that time, I was getting around town in a junker that has cost me a fortune to keep up. With SmartMoney, my finances are in a good place so I knew it was a good time to buy a more reliable vehicle through Changing Gears” -Nicole