SOURCE: Cincinnati Business Courier

FC Cincinnati, along with Turner Construction Co. and Jostin ConstructionInc., have partnered with CityLink Center to create a construction workforce hiring program.

The new program, called First Source, has just launched at CityLink. Jeff Berding, president and general manager of FC Cincinnati, said the team and its partners wanted to find the right organization to help them connect individuals to construction job opportunities as the franchise builds a $250 million soccer-specific stadium in the West End.

“From the beginning, we wanted this project to be a catalyst for the city and the region,” Berding said during a news conference. “To create a diversity of opportunity for all.”

First Source, which will be located in CityLink Center at 800 Bank St. in the West End, will connect people to a variety of job opportunities related to construction of the stadium in the West End.

Liza Smitherman, vice president of Jostin Construction, said CityLink’s location in the West End, its wrap-around services and past success in creating job opportunity programs gave a foundation to what was needed for the First Source program.

“This will provide long-term, sustainable employment for West End individuals even beyond this project,” Smitherman said during the news conference.

Dave Spaulding, vice president and general manager of Turner Construction, said interested individuals can start signing up now. The program is starting now because work on the stadium will begin ramping up later this year. The goal was to time up this program with construction activity on the site.

Preliminary construction activities have just started within the project’s site boundaries. Spaulding said about 30 people are currently on the site each day. That number will grow to an average of about 200 people per day for about 12 months with peak employment on the site expected to be 350 people.

“Our goal is for people to not just get a job, they’re getting a career,” Spaulding said.

Johnmark Oudersluys, director of CityLink Center, said the West End stadium is a way to connect people to new career opportunities and “a new path forward.”

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