CityLink hosted our first ‘Road I’ve Traveled’ Series on March 19th.  We heard stories of inspiration  to encourage our own journeys.   Nick ‘da’ Barber and Bengal’s linebacker Vincent Rey shared lessons learned from their lives and careers.

Nick shared the ups and downs of going from a top basketball prospect to homelessness to a barber, author, father, and national speaker.  Speaking about having a plan, working a plan, the power of forgiveness, and finding purpose in work; Nick inspired the audience.

Vincent shared how what we practice becomes permanent, so we need to practice perfection.  Through his journey he learned the benefit of trusting those in authority and being prepared for when your number is called.  Vincent quoted Matthew 7:24 and talked about making a decision of what will we build our lives on rock instead of sand.  He concluded by urging us all to pursue excellence in what we do because we play for an audience of one.

Thank you to Nick & Vincent for sharing their time and stories to inspire our community.