It is always exciting to see Cincinatians making an impact beyond our community, so I was inspired to read the address that Pete Strange, the Board Director of the National Fund for Workforce Development gave to that group at their annual meeting.  Several key points resonate heavily with CityLink’s mission and strategy:

  • “The true competition is for the next generation of talent.” – for our neighbors, community, and ourselves to flourish we all need to be invested in talent development.

We are excited to see the public opening of Social OTR as the training ground for the next generation of Chefs.  The collaborative with Findlay Market and CityLink’s on-site partners the program combines classroom instruction, culinary instruction, and a 3-month internship to train people for culinary careers in top local restaurants.


  • “It is time to move from talking to action.” – it is time for us to act together, businesses with social services to develop solutions to connect individuals with market opportunities

Our collaborative moved from exploring an opportunity with Jeff Monin from Structured Innovations to implementing a pilot within a few months.  The pilot class trained for new careers as Cable Technicians under the umbrella of PerScholas’ services and 2/3 of the class had offers immediately upon graduation, we are excited to scale that training program in 2019.

  • “it is absolutely certain that our enterprises will thrive if—and only if—we find a path to representing internally the demographics of the communities we serve.” – we must seek ways to engage individuals traditionally overlooked or excluded from opportunity.

PerScholas continues to expand its training for underrepresented individuals to enter a career in IT through their traditional A+ and Net+ programs or through innovative partnerships with Ingage Partners.

We are also fortunate to have CEO on-site, a program that helps individuals returning from incarceration re-enter the workforce through their best-practice program of transitional employment.  Individuals learn on their crews and graduate to full-time positions at employers throughout the city.

At CityLink we are wholeheartedly running after Peter’s call to action, “We must take the work you (workforce development community) are doing to scale. You have proven that employer-centered, intermediary-supported, growth-focused career pathways create the foundation to successfully engage job candidates in lifelong value creation. We must find a path to engage more employers and serve more workers.”

Join us in creating more career pathways and more opportunities for our neighbors and community to thrive.  Donate.  Volunteer.  Engage.