Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health joins CityLink Collaborative

Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health (GCB) brings their tremendous depth and strength of counseling to CityLink Center as its new counseling partner.  Counselors from GCB deliver on-site group and individual counseling which supports individuals who are working to advance their lives towards a better education, a better career, and better financial management.  As all aspects of life are interrelated, CityLink has a deep appreciation for the need of mental health counseling.

Anne Combs, Vice President of Child and Family Services at GCB shared “GCB is excited to become a partner with such a strong organization focused on building skills, financial self-sufficiency and improving the resiliency of the persons they serve.” CityLink is also excited to benefit from decades of experience that GCB staff brings which can help support clients and inform partner service delivery.  The critical role of mental health counseling cannot be overstated.

“GCB’s staff has jumped into our operations and are already supporting clients as trusted and expert counselors,” said Dani Watkins, CityLink Program Director.  “The leadership team at GCB was extremely responsive and pragmatic in finding ways to support our clients as they reach for a better tomorrow.”

“We consistently see that as individuals enter with tremendous uncertainty about their future, it is natural to have high levels of anxiety or even depression,” remarked Johnmark Oudersluys, CityLink Executive Director.  “We all face struggles and through confidential counseling services, clients can build the tool sets and be equipped with resiliency and hope as they strive for true life change.  We are deeply grateful for GCB’s support and engagement at CityLink.”

A major strength of the partnership that launched in early 2019 is that both organizations are outcome driven and strive to deliver excellence in services. Together, GCB and CityLink are working to learn from one another’s experience to determine how to best support our neighbors and community.