Building community both inside and outside the walls of our 800 Bank St location is part of our DNA here at CityLink.  Last Saturday, on a bright Saturday afternoon, volunteers, clients and staff took a field trip to for our first Zoo Day! CityLink is comprised of many moving parts. Different clients and volunteers don’t always have the opportunity to engage with one other because of the differences in classes or areas they serve in.  Fun and interactive social opportunities like this give our clients, volunteers, staff and their kids a chance to connect! Thanks to our valued church partner,  Landmark Church and nearly 100 community members rode down to the Cincinnati Zoo from CityLink in style for a fun day of animal sight-seeing and adventure.

The group was split into 10 smaller groups, where they participated in a friendly but competitive scavenger hunt.

Did you know the Komodo Dragon can consume 80% of its body weight in one sitting? Team Elephant did!

They were the scavenger hunt champions, and thanks to event supporters like Graeter’s and Jimmy John’s they took home gift cards for a cool summer treats and eats.  Jimmy John’s also made a generous donation of plenty of sandwiches and chips for the road. Check out a few pics from our day below…sort of makes you wanna be a part of our crew, huh?

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