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CityLink Center is where individuals go to one place, get surrounded by one team, create a plan to break free from poverty and get to a place of self-sustainability and hope. We appreciate that life is complex and by working holistically, we can see individuals reach their full potential. We are working together to transform lives and our community.


About Us

“It’s a serious business, in the fact that the work we’re doing is affecting people’s lives, but at the same time, you always have a team of people supporting you, so you never feel alone.”

Bob, Volunteer

“CEO is an amazing program that has given me so much hope! I wish I could tell everyone about it.”

Anna, CEO Participant

“Coming to CityLink is worth the trip. It’s going to change your life in some way. Maybe not the same way I got it, but it will help you somehow.”

Angela, Client

“Per Scholas led me to a career I love! I now wake up excited to go to work, and I usually work late (by choice). I feel like my skills, desire to improve processes, questions, and curiosity are used and appreciated.”

Monique, Per Scholas Graduate