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CityLink Center is where individuals go to one place, get surrounded by one team, create a plan to break free from poverty and get to a place of self-sustainability and hope. We appreciate that life is complex and by working holistically, we can see individuals reach their full potential. We are working together to transform lives and our community.


About Us

“This is God’s honest truth with this place… if you take the first step, they will walk you through.”

Jennifer, Findlay Culinary Client

“CEO helps people who are really trying to make a change. Give it a chance! I guarantee they can help you out because I know they have helped me a ton.”

Antwann, CEO Participant

All of a sudden I landed a job, got my license, a car, and more. All I am is grateful.”

Amari, Construction Client

“Everybody at CityLink is walking through some kind of poverty, whether it be financial, physical, or even spiritual; but we walk through it together. We give our time and resources to CityLink because it teaches people that they are valuable, cared for, and that Jesus loves them.”

The Leows, Donors