Our Approach

CityLink is Client-Centered, Faith-Based, and Outcome-Driven.

CityLink is built on the simple but radical concept that services should be centered around clients. We’ve harnessed the power of our city’s incredible resources through an innovative collaboration on a single campus where our clients find access to not only support, but lasting relationships and a holistic path to their full potential.

Serving Clients Holistically

We appreciate that life is complex. By serving lives holistically, we can see individuals reach their full potential.

Client Services Wheel

Core Competencies

While our partners provide incredible services to our clients, CityLink Center is able to remain focused on the following core competencies.


CityLink gathers services in one building, reducing the time restraints and transportation barriers involved for a client to engage in services.


CityLink collaborates with partners to combine and sequence multiple services that address various aspects of client lives in one, seamless, experience.

Volunteer Mobilization

CityLink recruits, trains, and deploys volunteers throughout the center to amplify the impact of services.

True Collaboration

We’ve partnered with top social service agencies to serve more clients, more deeply.


Meet our Partners