CityLink Center

Program Director

Position & Description:

The Program Director is responsible for designing, managing and continuously improving the program portfolio in which CityLink has a direct management and oversight role.

In this role the Program Director will the lead responsible for the execution, budget, staffing, client engagement and client outcomes for those programs. The current program portfolio includes (but not limited to), Healthcare Trainings, SmartMoney, Culinary Training, Employment Support Training, and Every Mother’s Advocate (EMA). As a part of this role, the Program Director will supervise the Financial Counselor (SmartMoney), Employment Support Manager (Next Level & Culinary), Culinary Instructor, and Care Coordinator(s) (EMA).

The Program Director will establish and execute these CityLink programs as well as the infrastructure for on-going support, including but not limited to: case management software, program process design, service provider support, metrics and measurement reporting, client path and client experience. The Program Director will closely coordinate activities with the Client Services Team.

Mission and Vision Support:

The Program Director directly supports CityLink’s vision and mission through leading the network of services, pathways, and processes to assist our clients. Through this engagement the lives of clients will be changed while leveraging the strength of partners and volunteers to address this pressing community need.

Job Duties and Responsibilities (Other duties may be assigned as appropriate):

Program Development:
• Establish program focus and direction, manage project plans to deliver objectives.
• Design integrated processes and systems for increased scale and scope across programs.
• Evaluate program and processes for efficiency and improvements.
• Analyze outcomes, client engagement and satisfaction across programs.
• Researches resources for improvement/integration.
• Create and Maintain all program materials and operational plans.
• Manage budget for programs.
• Coordinate service integration within portfolio offerings.
Identify and Maintain External Relationships
• Support the formation and healthy on-going relationships with referral organizations or sources.
• Support the formation and health on-going relationships with employer partnerships.
• Identify and enlist additional supporting services or relationships to increase program outcomes.
• Supervise teams for program implementation and facilitation.
• Closely coordinate and communicate with broader CityLink Team.
Special Project Support
• Work with the System & Support Manager to drive continuous improvement in the programs but across the center as a whole.
• Work with the Chief Program Officer to support new program and partner launches.

Position Qualifications
• Mature in faith and committed to continuous growth
• Ability to think strategically across multiple priorities and initiatives
• Self-starter and solution focused
• Possess a strong process orientation – high organizational skills and follow-through
• Works well with diverse groups of people and able to lead collaboration
• Ability to work through challenging situations
Education and Experience
• Possess a bachelor’s degree in applicable field
• Experience in designing and implementing complex processes and systems to deliver outcomes
• Experience in working in highly collaborative environment with multiple partners
• Knowledge of management principles and evaluation methods for continuous improvement
• Proficient in basic computer applications, such as Microsoft and web applications
• Experience in design, implementation, and operation of case management platforms
• Familiarity and proficiency in case management software or other similar systems
• Organization and planning skills
• Demonstrated capability to conduct one’s self in a calm and professional demeanor when dealing with the public and/or with difficult situations
• Demonstrated capability to effectively communicate orally and in writing
• Ability to work well with a diverse group of staff and volunteers
• Willingness to adjust hours to accommodate the needs of the job
• Ability to effectively manage a wide array of tasks, projects, and responsibilities
• Ability to work productively in an unstructured environment with frequent interruptions
• Ability to simultaneously work on multiple initiatives in a dynamic and undefined environment
Time Commitments
• Hours are generally Monday through Friday with some Saturdays, between 8am and 9pm
• Must be available for special events, meetings, and training

Time Commitment: 40+ hours /week
Reports To: Dani Watkins, Chief Program Officer of CityLink Center

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